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Statement relating to my employment at ConvaTec:

Fraudulent use of company assets:

ConvaTec was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb. When working for ConvaTec Deeside I reported wrong-doing to the ConvaTec HR department and to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporate Ombudsman; when I left employment the issues had not been addressed, nor resolved. Both during my employment and following it there was an extensive cover-up which had the effect of withholding information from potential and existing investors in Bristol-Myers Squibb. I’m aware of the seriousness of that allegation. Bristol-Myers Squibb, due to another matter at a later date, entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the U S Department of Justice. I assume the DPA wiped the slate clean from the BMS point of view. Did the same DPA also provide clemency for others not employed directly by BMS who were also involved in the cover up? I’m pretty sure it didn’t. The obvious question is: was there full disclosure when ConvaTec was sold to Nordic Capital and Avista Capital Partners in 2008? Politicians, individuals and the authorities, both sides of the Atlantic, are aware of what went on but have chosen not to report their involvement. My conclusions on some of these issues, including fraudulent use of company assets, were expressed on a website published by me in 2002; the website was closed down by ConvaTec and its solicitors, Eversheds. If that didn’t compound the cover up, I don’t know what did. Though the cover-up has had a huge effect on my health, I intend to make no further Internet statements, but to get on with selling maritime artwork and wait for the house of cards to collapse, which it will, when someone decides a plea bargain makes sense. In the meantime, please enjoy your visit to this website.

James Lynchehaun